Hiring top-tier mechanics is tough

But we know how to find them

Heartland Tire hired 52 mechanics for 32 locations in only 90 days: A-Tech’s, B-Techs, Diesel Tire Techs and Store Managers. Heartland Tire uses Whiterail Recruits. The only hiring platform exclusively for Mechanics and Tire Techs.


How Heartland Tire is hiring top talent using Whiterail Recruits

Post COVID hiring was a challenge

Like all tire businesses, Heartland Tire struggled to staff all 32 locations. Before the pandemic hiring wasn’t a problem, but afterward all of their locations needed qualified mechanics. The HR team at Heartland Tire didn’t have the candidate volume to even come close to filling these stores with mechanics. Many bays stayed empty.

Traditional job boards didn't work

The Heartland HR team tried many of the usual hiring platforms: Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, Zip Recruiter, and mechanic job boards. They received few applicants and only a handful were qualified.

“(With Indeed) on a monthly basis we were getting less than 30 applicants and we only were able to hire maybe 2 to 5 people".

The Whiterail solution

In January, Heartland Tire took a chance on Whiterail Recruits to fill its hiring needs. What started with one job post has grown into dozens of active campaigns and over 60 positions filled within months, including mechanics, lube techs, fire techs, service writers, and store managers. As of last July 15, 2023, 32 stores were fully staffed.

The Whiterail Recruits text message-based system made hiring qualified drivers, dispatchers, or mechanics quick and easy.

Whiterail Recruits uses a text message-based system. it takes candidates two minutes to get their applications in.

Employers like Heartland Tire can quickly sort through the applicants

The Employer can chat with prospects via text, then call, and meet their shortlisted candidates for an interview.

Find Out How Whiterail can get you Qualified Candidates in half the time.

Quality hires meant the job was done right the first time

Let’s face it: the candidates we’re searching for aren’t scrolling through Indeed, Zip Recruiter, or LinkedIn. They don’t brush up on their resumes or fill out application forms. That’s why Whiterail Recruits built an online recruitment system that targets drivers, mechanics, or dispatchers with ads which makes it easy to find and hire top talent.

  • Customized ad campaigns
  • Integrated messaging platform
  • Text and email reminders for interviewees
  • Avoid the cost and hassle of job boards
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Get top-tier candidates only

About Us

By combining sophisticated geofencing advertising with messaging technologies, we allow employers to bypass websites like Facebook Jobs and Indeed to reach out to candidates directly.

Call us to find out how Whiterail Recruits can get the right candidates for you at the right time: (866) 678-0607

Call us to find out how Whiterail Recruits can get the right candidates for you at the right time: (866) 678-0607

Find out how Whiterail can get you qualified candidates in half the time