Hiring top-tier drivers and mechanics is tough —But we know how to find them

Mission Wrecker Tow Truck Service hired 15 light-duty and 3 heavy-duty drivers. In only 30 days. All top talent. How? They used Whiterail Recruits, the only hiring platform exclusively for drivers, dispatchers, and mechanics.

high quality applications in 30 days
light and heavy drivers hired

fewer damage claims

"If you can use Facebook or Instagram, you can do this with your eyes closed, no problem!" -Matt Oliver, Mission Wrecker

How Mission Wrecker is hiring top talent using Whiterail Recruits

Challenges after COVID

After COVID, hiring got tough. Matt Oliver, Operations Manager at the towing company Mission Wrecker, found himself in costant need of capable drivers, mechanics, and dispatchers. Before the pandemic, hiring was less of a problem. He had stacks of applications on his desk.

But post-COVID? Those stacks disappeared.

Traditional job boards didn't work

He gave several hiring platforms a shot: Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter… you name it. But he barely got a handful of candidates trained up:

“In a 3 to 4 months span, I would get maybe 2 to 3 drivers actually trained and in a truck, in the dispatch office, or working as a mechanic”, Matt recalls.

The Whiterail solution

In November 2022, Matt found Whiterail Recruits. He’s been working with them to attract top-notch staff ever since.

Within only 30 days, 156 applications rolled in for one of his light-duty drive positions.

And these weren’t just any candidates. They were good ones. Matt quickly filtered through the applicants, narrowed them down, and finally had several good options to choose from.

“I wasn’t just scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to get what I wanted.”

The Whiterail Recruits text message-based system made hiring qualified drivers, dispatchers, or mechanics quick and easy.

Whiterail Recruits uses a text message-based system. it takes candidates two minutes to get their applications in.

Employers like Mission Wrecker can quickly sort through the applicants

Matt started chatting with prospects via text, then called, and met his shortlisted candidates for an interview.

Now Matt wasn't just filling seats. He was picking candidates that were actually qualified and a good fit for his team.

"I would say it's work every dollar, with the chatbot in the Whiterail Recruits app doing 95% of the work for me". - Matt Oliver, Mission Wrecker

Mission Wrecker onboarding results

Light Duty Drivers
12- 13
Heavy Duty Drivers

Find Out How Whiterail can get you Qualified Candidates in half the time.

Quality hires meant the job was done right the first time

"My damage claims decreased since then because I'm getting to choose the right candidate for the job verss just whatever walks through the door," Matt said.

Let’s face it: the candidates we’re searching for aren’t scrolling through Indeed, Zip Recruiter, or LinkedIn. They don’t brush up on their resumes or fill out application forms. That’s why Whiterail Recruits built an online recruitment system that targets drivers, mechanics, or dispatchers with ads which makes it easy to find and hire top talent.

  • Customized ad campaigns
  • Integrated messaging platform
  • Text and email reminders for interviewees
  • Avoid the cost and hassle of job boards
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Get top-tier candidates only

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By combining sophisticated geofencing advertising with messaging technologies, we allow employers to bypass websites like Facebook Jobs and Indeed to reach out to candidates directly.

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Find out how Whiterail can get you qualified candidates in half the time