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"Whiterail [is utilizing AI] in a way that helps bring back the humanity to HR.""

-Joshua Brighthurst, Reno's Auto Body & Repair

Joshua Bringhurst of Reno’s Auto Body & Repair hired 2 dispatchers in a week and a half. He shares his extraordinary experience using Whiterail Recruits to find unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in dispatcher recruiting and the dispatcher hiring process. 

Streamline Dispatcher Hiring With Whiterail Recruits

Before Whiterail Recruits

Before embracing Whiterail, Reno’s Auto Body & Repair faced the daunting challenge of finding qualified candidates for critical positions like dispatcher jobs. Traditional hiring avenues like LinkedIn and Indeed fell short, making the process cumbersome and unsuccessful. However, with Whiterail Recruits, everything changed.

"Before AI took over, it was pretty time-consuming.

With Whiterail Recruits

In Joshua’s case, Whiterail Recruits’ impact was profound. Out of 17 dispatcher interviews conducted, four positions were filled—two through referrals and two through Whiterail. This remarkable success speaks volumes about the platform’s effectiveness in quickly finding the right talent.

"I didn't have to do anything other than just show up for a phone call."

Just Show Up & Interview!

Joshua describes his experience as seamless and effortless. The platform’s innovative approach, blending AI technology with personalized communication, streamlined the dispatcher hiring process. 

From scheduling interviews to communicating with candidates, Whiterail Recruits handled it all, freeing up valuable time for Joshua and his team.

Reno's Auto Body & Repair
Whiterail Recruits vs Indeed

10x more qualified
applicants than Indeed


Are you tired of sifting through endless resumes on job boards like Indeed? Say goodbye to the frustration with Whiterail Recruits AI, the ultimate solution to your dispatcher hiring woes.

Whiterail Recruits delivers fresh, top-tier candidates by the dozen, sparing you the hours spent weeding through mediocre applicants. With our AI dispatcher recruitment solution, all you have to do is show up and interview—we handle the rest!

"What I loved about it was that it communicated for me, as if I was the one actually responding. It had fluid conversation, it was very professional."

- Joshua Brighthurst, Reno's Auto Body & Repair

What truly sets Whiterail Recruits apart is its ability to connect employers with candidates who are genuinely interested in the job. Unlike other platforms where engagement is often lackluster, the candidates we find are enthusiastic and responsive, leading to faster and more successful hires.

Whiterail Recruits is more than just a hiring tool—it’s a paradigm shift in dispatch job recruitment. By infusing humanity into HR practices and facilitating genuine conversations between employers and candidates, Whiterail restores the essence of recruitment, making it a more personalized and rewarding experience for all involved.

Joshua scheduled 20 interviews, 17 of which showed up. That’s a 90% conversion rate thanks to Whiterail Recruits’ AI!

"What do you have to lose?"

- Joshua Brighthurst, Reno's Auto Body & Repair

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