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The Auto Industry Needs Speed.
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Qualified Mechanics Missing in Action? Whiterail Fuels Your Hiring

Is your shop stuck in a hiring rut? The auto industry might be on fire, but finding top-notch mechanics feels like searching for a lost spark plug. Ditch the resume shuffle and let Whiterail connect you with the perfect auto technician to keep your business moving.

Instead of endless resumes and wasted interviews, find your perfect mechanic faster. Traditional methods leave you with a limited pool and a lengthy process. Focus on your business, let Whiterail handle the search.

Whiterail injects AI into auto mechanic recruitment, supercharging your hiring process. Our platform automates tasks, unearths hidden talent pools, and streamlines the entire experience. We specialize in connecting you with highly skilled blue-collar auto professionals actively seeking new opportunities. Kick your auto repair shop recruitment into high gear with Whiterail AI!

Hidden Costs of Automotive Staffing
& Recruitment

"Before AI took over, it was pretty time-consuming. [With Whiterail AI] I didn't have to do anything other than just show up for a phone call. Whiterail [is utilizing AI] in a way that helps bring back the humanity to HR."

The Power of 90% Faster Hiring

Imagine finding the perfect mechanic in a fraction of the time.

With Whiterail, that’s not a dream, it’s a reality. Our AI cuts through the noise, streamlining your hiring process by a staggering 90%.

Stop wasting weeks sifting through resumes. Get the power of a large HR team at your fingertips with AI. Picture freeing up the 10+ hours a week you spend on traditional job boards so you can run your business and keep your customers happy.

Stop the Auto Recruitment Marathon.
Get the Perfect Mechanic in the Fast Lane.

Whiterail takes the wheel of your auto recruitment.
Let's discuss your specific needs and see how Whiterail can help you build your dream team.

Fuel Auto Shop Success with
AI-Powered Recruitment

Fast Track Your Hiring

Ditch the endless resume shuffle. Whiterail's AI streamlines the process, putting you face-to-face with qualified mechanics in days, not weeks.

Unearth Hidden Gems

Go beyond resumes to tap into a network of top talent actively seeking new opportunities. Find a perfect fit for your unique needs, from certified techs to experienced parts specialists.

Precision Recruitment

Every shop is different. Whiterail personalizes your search to target the exact automotive professionals you need, ensuring you build a dream team.


Let AI handle the heavy lifting. Whiterail automates tasks, pre-screens candidates, and schedules interviews to free up valuable time and resources.

Cost-Conscious Solution

Why pay a premium for recruitment? Get the power of a dedicated hiring and recruitment team at a fraction of the cost.

Trusted by the Best of the Best in the Business

A Blue Collar Agency That Handles
Auto Mechanic Recruitment

Whiterail connects you with top talent in every area of your auto body shop. Finding qualified mechanics is crucial, but ensuring they have the necessary certifications takes your hiring to the next level.

Auto Service Technician

Diagnose, repair, and maintain all aspects of vehicles, keeping your customers on the road. ASE certification demonstrates additional expertise, ensuring they can tackle even the most complex repairs with confidence.

Lube & Quick Service Tech

Perform routine and basic maintenance tasks like oil changes, tire rotations, and filter replacements efficiently, ensuring a positive customer experience and building trust for future repairs. We've got you covered.

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Mount, balance, repair, and rotate tires of all sizes, ensuring safe and smooth operation for your customers. Proper tire care is crucial to prevent accidents and keep your customers safe while on the road.


Emissions Inspector

Conduct tests to ensure vehicles meet state and federal environmental regulations. This keeps your shop compliant and allows you to offer a wider range of services while looking out for the environment.

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Parts and Service Advisors

Greet customers, answer questions about repairs, recommend services, and handle transactions. They are the face of your shop, building rapport and trust with customers. You need them, we can find them!

Auto Body Repair Technicians

Restore vehicles to their pre-accident condition, ensuring safety and customer satisfaction. These auto professionals handle everything from minor dings to major collision damage.


Service Managers

Service Managers oversee the service department, ensuring smooth operation, scheduling repairs, & managing staff. They are the conductor of your shop, keeping things running smoothly.

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