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How it Works

The Whiterail Recruitment system helps companies find and hire mechanics, drivers, and other blue collar specialists.

Qualified Candidates

We find laser-qualified candidates using geofence advertising technology


We pre-qualify candidates based on your needs and high motivation

Helpful Technology

Our technology lets you easily sort and contact the top candidates directly

High Quality

You hire the highest quality candidates that few others have access to!

We don’t compete with job boards and traditional recruiters. We find candidates in your area.

This isn’t just another list of people, these are highly motivated candidates who want to work for you… all at a fraction of the cost.

Indeed Vs Whiterail

Viable Candidates found on Indeed

Viable Candidates found on Whiterail

What is Whiterail Recruits?

Exclusively Blue Collar

No Resume Required

Takes 1 Min. To Apply

Direct Line to Prospects

Targeted Advertising With Geo-Fence Tech

Automated Pre-Screening Of Qualifications

What People Say

Reach Qualified Candidates in your Area

Have you ever noticed a surge of tailored ads for a product after searching for it just once?

Whiterail Recruits uses similar “geofenced” technology to target qualified candidates where they work, live, and play.

Stand Out in a Crowded Market

Whiterail Recruites will help you reach the right candidates faster and more effectively than any job board or traditional recruiter. We cut out the middleman and go straight to the source.

Our advertising algorithm and easy-to-use communication platform removes all obstacles in the recruitment process.

Your advantage
– Avoid the expense and wasted time of job boards
– Stand out from the competition
– Get top-tier candidates only…

Robust features
– Customized ad campaigns
– Integrated messaging platform
– Text and email reminders for interviewees…

Stop endlessly chasing ghost candidates on job boards. Find out how to get qualified candidates to contact YOU.

Why Whiterail Recruits

For over a decade, we’ve been industry leaders in marketing services for automotive industries. In that time, Whiterail became a trusted partner for HR directors, recruiters, and small business owners. They told us they couldn’t find reliable drivers, dispatchers, mechanics, or writers using traditional job boards and recruiting methods. They needed a better way.

So we built one.

Whiterail Recruits is a unique hiring platform just for blue-collar industries. We use modern geofencing ads and messaging tech to find candidates. This puts your job ad in front of the right people at the right time. It’s easy for them to apply, and it’s easy for you to connect with qualified candidates directly.

Whiterail Recruits eliminates the need for traditional job boards and social media sites like Facebook Jobs or Indeed. We keep our clients fully staffed at a fraction of the cost.

Let us help you grow.

Proven Results

Organizational Memberships