Whiterail Recruits Showcases Hiring Solutions at 2024 Jiffy Lube Convention & Trade Show

Whiterail Recruits Attending 2024 Jiffy Lube Convention

Jiffy Lube Convention

AURORA, March 25, 2024 – Whiterail Recruits is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming 2024 Jiffy Lube Convention & Trade Show. The two-day event is an excellent platform for Whiterail to spotlight its approach to hiring mechanics, technicians, and other automotive professionals.

Traditional job boards like Indeed often fall short when attracting the best talent in the industry. That’s why Whiterail Recruits offers a different approach: By leveraging targeted geo-fence advertising and Rapid Apply Technology, Whiterail connects employers with top-tier candidates who may not be actively seeking job opportunities but are open to new career prospects.

That’s how Whiterail Recruits helped clients such as Heartland Tire successfully hire over 50 mechanics, tire techs, retread experts, service writers, managers, and assistant managers, effectively staffing all of their 32 locations in the Minneapolis area.

We’ve also assisted other clients with their hiring needs, including: Reno’s Auto Body & Repair, Mission Wrecker, and Champion FleetCare.

Whiterail has been effectively partnering with a Jiffy Lube franchise, leveraging its advanced AI recruitment program to source high-quality staff, such as A techs, B techs, store managers, service riders, lube techs, or similar positions. Its team is now looking forward to engaging with additional Jiffy Lube franchises and supporting their growth by providing the personnel necessary for their success.

Visit the Whiterail booth to learn more about how they can help your business hire top-tier people by connecting you with the best talent in the field.

2024 Jiffy Lube Convention

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About Whiterail Recruits:

Whiterail Recruits specializes in assisting towing, transportation, auto/diesel repair companies in hiring qualified drivers, mechanics, and dispatchers. 

By employing modern advertising methods, social media marketing, and innovative technology, Whiterail Recruits bypasses traditional job boards to deliver qualified candidates quickly and efficiently. 

With a focus on simplifying the hiring process, Whiterail Recruits empowers businesses to connect with top-tier talent and build successful teams.