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Indeed Vs Whiterail

Viable Candidates found on Indeed

Viable Candidates found on Whiterail

“Whiterail Recruits made hiring new drivers a breeze. What normally took months was done in 2 weeks.”

– Joey Gagne, Abrams

“I couldn’t believe the amount of qualified candidates I had after just one week!”

– David Butcher, Road Runner

What is Whiterail

Exclusively blue collar

No resume needed

Takes 1 min. to apply

Direct line to prospects

Targeted advertising with geo-fence tech

Automated pre-qualification of license, experience, background, drug test, etc.

What People Say?

“We’ve used Craigslist, ZipRecruiter and Indeed and nothing works anymore. With Whiterail Recruits in just the past 48 hours we have 18 applicants! These are people who I know are interested because they are answering questions when they apply. 18 applicants in 48 hours, 18 applicants… That’s amazing! I’m loving this.

I’ve been in HR for 20 years. And after 2 years in the towing industry, I told Mike (CEO of Gene’s Towing), I’m out of ideas… I’ve used all of my tricks. I don’t know what to do. Zip recruiter isn’t working, Craigslist isn’t working, Indeed isn’t working. Whiterail Recruits! This is exactly what we need! Exactly!”


Reach Qualified Candidates in your Area

Have you ever been bombarded with targeted ads for a product after you searched for it once?

That quick Google search for a camera leads to ads on every website you visit, on social media, and even in your emails. Whiterail Recruits uses similar advertising technology to connect you with connect you directly with the truck drivers, mechanics and dispatchers where they work, live and play.

Stand Out in a Crowded Market

Whiterail Recruits will help you reach the right candidates in no time. Our advertising algorithm and easy-to-use communication platform removes all obstacles in the recruitment process.

Why is our method so effective compared to traditional job sites?

  • While job sites might still be effective to recruit administrative assistants, there are far less drivers and mechanics using them to find jobs.
  • Many drivers don’t want have the patience for sites like Indeed.
  • Our method filters out candidates by experience and know-how without needing a resume!

Contact us to find out how we use modern advertising technology to recruit drivers!

Why Whiterail Recruits

We’ve been serving the towing industry for nearly a decade in marketing through Whiterail Reviews. Over the past year, our clients have been confiding in us how they could no longer find qualified drivers. While their businesses had the potential to grow, they were unable to due to the lack of reliable candidates.

Seeing as we are both marketing pros and technologists, we put our heads together to come up with a solution for our customers. By combining sophisticated geofencing advertising with messaging technologies, we allow employers to bypass websites like Facebook Jobs and Indeed to reach out to candidates directly.

Proven Results