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Streamline Your
Auto Repair Staffing
with Next-Gen Hiring AI

Whiterail AI revolutionizes the way auto repair businesses approach staffing. By leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence, Whiterail Recruits enables dealerships, repair shops, and service centers to assemble top-notch teams with speed and precision.

Unlike conventional staffing agencies, which often charge steep hourly rates and undisclosed fees, Whiterail Recruits’ AI platform offers a transparent and cost-effective solution. It streamlines the hiring process, saving time and resources while ensuring that businesses can access the talent they need to thrive in the ever-evolving automotive industry.

Stop Sifting Through Resumes.
Get Qualified Mechanics, Technicians & Service
Advisors Directly

Are you tired of the resume shuffle? With Whiterail Recruits, you can say goodbye to sifting through stacks of resumes and hello to a direct pipeline of qualified mechanics, technicians, and service advisors. Our advanced AI automotive staffing technology identifies and connects you with the most suitable candidates, streamlining your hiring process and saving you valuable time and resources.

Effortless Recruitment

Our AI algorithms go beyond traditional job boards like Indeed and Zip Recruiter. We leverage geo-targeted advertising and intelligent chatbots to identify top talent actively seeking new opportunities. Whether you need experienced mechanics, detailers, collision repair technicians, or service advisors, Whiterail AI brings the perfect candidates directly to you.

Seamless Integration

Whiterail AI seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows and in-house team. Eliminate clunky applicant tracking systems (ATS) and time-consuming manual screening. Our platform streamlines the auto staffing and hiring process, from initial candidate outreach to interview scheduling and onboarding.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Eliminate the need for expensive staffing agencies with their high hourly rates and hidden fees. Whiterail AI offers a transparent pricing structure and flexible engagement models. Choose from agreements that suit your specific needs and budget. Invest your resources in what matters most – growing your business and delivering exceptional customer service.

Types of Automotive Positions We Staff

  • Mechanics: ASE-certified technicians with mastery in a diverse range of automotive domains, including diesel engines, A-Tech expertise, and lube maintenance.
  • Shop Foreman: Find experienced shop foremen who efficiently manage your repair shop operations and lead your team to success.
  • Service Advisors: Customer-centric professionals who handle service inquiries, write repair estimates, and liaise with customers on repairs.
  • Parts Specialists: Knowledgeable individuals who efficiently manage parts inventory, source car parts, and assist technicians with parts needs.
  • Detailers: Meticulous professionals dedicated to maintaining vehicles’ interior and exterior appearance.
  • And more!

Grow Your
Business With Expert
Auto Staffing Services

At Whiterail Recruits, our AI goes beyond basic skills to match candidates with your company culture and specific needs. Fill open positions quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and maintaining a solid workforce.

With our easy-to-use platform, you’ll gain valuable insights into your applicant pool and make informed hiring decisions. With flexible options, you can scale your workforce up or down as your business demands.

Not only does Whiterail Recruits reduce the time to hire and improve your current staffing methods, but it also improves the candidate experience. Our user-friendly platform offers a streamlined and engaging candidate experience.

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Automotive Staffing
With Whiterail Recruits:

Whiterail Recruits is an AI-powered platform designed to streamline the staffing and hiring process for auto repair businesses, including dealerships, repair shops, and service centers. It leverages advanced technology to connect businesses directly with qualified mechanics, technicians, and service advisors.

Whiterail Recruits utilizes cutting-edge geo-fence targeted advertising and AI algorithms to analyze job requirements and candidate profiles, matching businesses with the most suitable candidates. The platform accelerates the hiring process by eliminating the need for manual resume screening, saving time and resources.

Whiterail Recruits specializes in filling positions within the automotive industry, including mechanics, technicians, and service advisors. Whether you need skilled professionals for routine maintenance, diagnostics, or customer service roles, Whiterail Recruits can help you find the right candidates.

Yes, Whiterail Recruits is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, from small independent repair shops to large dealership networks. Whether you’re looking to hire a single mechanic or build an entire team, the platform can accommodate your needs.

Whiterail Recruits employs sophisticated AI algorithms to assess candidate qualifications, skills, and experience. Additionally, the platform allows businesses to set specific criteria and preferences, ensuring that only the most relevant candidates are presented for consideration.

Unlike traditional staffing agencies that often rely on manual processes and charge high fees, Whiterail Recruits offers a transparent and cost-effective solution. By leveraging AI technology, the platform streamlines the auto staffing and hiring process, eliminates hidden fees, and provides businesses with direct access to top talent.

Getting started with Whiterail Recruits is easy. Contact us to discuss your auto staffing needs. We will then develop your campaign and let our AI algorithm match you with qualified candidates. From there, you can review candidate profiles, schedule interviews, and make hiring decisions—all within the platform.

Cities with a higher population do tend to get more applicants but we have found that you’ll get at least ten times more candidates than Indeed or Zip Recruiter. High quality candidate?