Struggling to Hire
Tow Drivers?

See How Quality Towing Hired 4 Drivers

Quality Towing Finds Success in the Mission
to Hire Tow Drivers

February, 21 2023          9 min read

Many of our clients consistently find themselves scouring the Internet for new and improved ways to hire tow drivers. Quality Towing of North Las Vegas was in the same boat until Whiterail Recruits came across their radar.

Despite the initial struggle they faced when these light duty tow truck operator openings came up, we are pleased to announce that Quality Towing has filled the positions with the assistance of Whiterail Recruits!

Throughout the duration of their 30-day campaign, Whiterail Recruits found Quality Towing 197 job applicants, most of which were qualified and experienced commercial drivers.

With the ball rolling, Quality Towing interviewed ten of the drivers, conducted background checks and drug screenings, and ran DMV records for insurance checks. This process yielded four highly qualified light duty tow truck operators. 

Thanks to the combination of Whiterail Recruits’ unique technology and a dedicated human resources team, the process went off without a hitch. We want to offer a special thank you to the human resources team at Quality Towing for doing an exceptional job at screening and interviewing all the candidates. It is always a pleasure to work with you!

How Whiterail Recruits Helps Towing
Companies Hire Tow Drivers

When you own and operate a towing company, it can be a real challenge to find and retain reliable drivers. Traditional methods of locating new employees such as Indeed, Zip Recruiter, and other online job boards simply do not make the cut. This can often be attributed to the fact that many drivers do not have resumes on hand and the best prospects are generally already employed.

Enter Whiterail Recruits. Our advanced platform enables towing and other blue-collar companies to find and hire tow drivers, heavy duty towing drivers, HVAC installers, crane operators, and more.

It’s not unusual for towing company owners to feel skeptical about our ability to find and hire tow drivers when they have tried almost every other avenue. However, they soon come to realize that our system attracts 10 times more qualified candidates than Indeed and Zip Recruiter.

How can this be possible? It’s not magic, but it sure feels like it! We utilize geo-fence advertising technology to display your job directly to the best candidates. This means that wherever applicants live, work, or play, they will be shown an advertisement for your open position.

Whereas other recruiting platforms require a resume or long application, we have simplified the entire process. Whiterail Recruits has built a chatbot hiring system that allows you to quickly pre-qualify or eliminate applicants based on the role’s requirements. In fact, it only takes about 40 seconds to complete the questionnaire!

Whiterail Recruits: The New Solution
to Hire Tow Drivers

If any of the aforementioned hiring problems are plaguing your towing business, we can help! Whiterail Recruits is your solution to hire tow drivers that are reliable, experienced, and ready to lend a hand. Contact us today to fill your openings!